Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cantering 101 for Lex

While George was trimming, I let Lexi ride Ren today.  She was intent on cantering for the first time bareback so of course, Ren was happy to oblige.  Gotta say, for such a giant horse (remember, Ren is 16.3) Ren is a great confidence builder!  Click to view pictures full size.
Time to mount up!

Starting out with some yields at the walk.

Then time for some trotting.
 And they're off at the canter!! Whoo hoo!  Go Lex!

They cantered this way....

... and they cantered that way...
... They cantered towards us...

... and they cantered away from us!

She even cantered some alongside George and Shae!

And all the time Lex did a great job keeping her balance bareback!

Now, Rienzi wasn't the only one who got to do some cantering... Shae did some too.  George was asking for lots of go and doing some desensitization work with ropes as well.

Personally, these pictures don't really show how fast Shae was going.

It was fairly fast.

Phew Shae, what's that smell?  Oh wait... that's George changing his shoes.

Course, Lexi's not done yet!

She asked Ren to get up on the pedestal.
Posed for photos.

And then zonked out for a little nap. (I think at that point, Ren was ready for a nap too!)

Not bad for a Sunday afternoon!
No ride would be complete without giving your mount a hug! (And, more importantly to Ren, some horsey cookies!)

 Not too shabby Lex, not too shabby at all!

Believe it or not, I rode as well today.  One day, George will PICK UP THE CAMERA!  ;P

Did I mention that Lex also rode Shae today as well?
She walked and did a lot of posting trotting as well.  Most of the time I was on Ren with her, so I didn't get as many pictures of Lex and Shae.  If she can ride Shae's trot, she can ride pretty much ANY horses trot!  Shae's got a lot of Friesian bounce to her movement.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lexi and Admiral

George decided to test out his new Droid phone yesterday when Lexi had a chance to ride her horse Admiral for the very first time!  For those of you that don't know, Lex has taken lessons with Susan (on Othello), and played with and ridden both Shae and Ren.  Still, it's exciting to get a chance to ride your very own horse! (click to view full size.)

Hmmm.... he's a tad bit smaller than her usual mounts!

Yup, he has LOTS of hair!  :)

Maybe George will use his Droid to take pictures of his wife.... we'll see.... So far we've gotten LOTS and LOTS of pictures of George lately!  Here's one more...